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What is Apraxia?

Childhood apraxia of speech is a motor speech planning disorder due to disconnect between the brain and the articulators (e.g. tongue, teeth, lips, jaw).

Apraxia interferes with a child's ability to produce syllables and words. Although children with apraxia can understand language, they struggle to plan out how to move their lips, mouths, tongue, and jaw in order for speech sounds to happen at the right time. Those speech movements and coordination are very important and there is no known origin or cause.

Evaluation and treatment are very important! Make sure to get your child a hearing test and speech evaluation.

Characteristics of Apraxia:

  • Inconsistent errors

  • Groping movements with the jaw, lips or tongue to make the correct movement for speech sounds

  • Number of speech errors increase as length of utterance increases

  • Telegraphic speech (e.g. "me cookie," "mommy go")

  • Consonant and vowel distortions

  • Incorrect stress patterns

  • Difficulty with smooth, accurate movement transitions from one sound to the next

What can we do to help?

PROMPT therapy is the most effective treatment for Apraxia. To learn more, click here.

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